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Confidence in remote support covering a huge range of devices supporting all Windows & MacOS versions.

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For more support, Submit IT Support Ticket at PharmacySolution

Cloud Your Business

Cloud Your Business

Saving you the time by minimizing your business downtime with many cloud backup plans and more ideas based on your needs. there is no need for you to keep monitoring your data backup!! We will take care of this task for you. Our MediBackup Website is made for your business to achieve all your cloud backup tasks with a very secure data centers located in Australia. Connections to our Cloud System is encrypted and secured for your data safety and business privacy.

Network & Security

Network is our Job. We build your network from scratch. supporting secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) allowing you to work from home or monitor your business tasks from distance. Weather it’s internal or external network it’s our mission to connect branches together. Working with security hardware and software to make sure your business data are safe. certified software and hardware by those popular provider like Cisco, DELL and HP.

Network & Security
Professional Support

Professional Support

Professional support is not only about fixing your IT issue in professional way, but also handle your business in professional way. We analyze and advise for your business to keep you updated and secure with the latest options and features. Structuring your network is our business.

Hardware & Software Security

Talking about hardware and security is a long subject, but we have the right hardware supplied with the right software all protected with the right tool to balance between performance and security to smooth your daily business tasks. Need advise on your hardware and software? don’t hesitate to ask us, we have the expert people to answer all your question and provide you with the right solution which suits your business’s goals.

Hardware & Software Security

Logme Support Team

Logme.com.au is NOT part or related to TeamViewer Company in anyway.

Logme.com.au is NOT part or related to logme, logmein123 or logmeIn Company.

We are an I.T support website business trading under the name of our website logme.com.au and we are not part of any other company but Smartek I.T Services. We use a support quicktool to connect to our clients but we are not claiming the ownership or the development of those tools. We just help our customers using those tools.

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FAQ & Help

Are We Part of LogmeIn123?

NO we are not part or related to any other websites or business.

If you arrived here by mistake please head back to google search.

Do We Charge For This Service?

NO we don’t charge for this service as we are not the Author / Owner of this software and we never claimed we are. We just link to it for simplicity serving our clients instead of searching the net for QuickSupport Tool. TeamViewer and all logos are registered Trade Marks of their author with respective copy rights.

How To Use?

In the first page just download and run the correct QuickSupport Tool that matches your oporationg system, Weather you are on Windows or MAC. After finished downloading please locate the downloaded file and run it to start a remote session.

TeamViewer Quick Support Tool doesn’t install any software or change your system files. It just run in portable mode. once closed will be no more connections allowed to your device. for more support and info please contact the owner of the software at TeamViewer.com

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